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Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Pressure Washing Services

If you’re considering professional pressure washing, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth it. Experts recommend this service because it allows residents and business owners to keep their properties looking brand-new on a tight budget. But are the drawbacks of missing routine pressure washing sessions enough to make it a priority for Tennessee’s property owners and property managers?

In this article, the SmartWash professionals outline the risks of skipping regular pressure washing and how professional sanitation for homes and businesses beats going the DIY route.

DIY Pressure Washing vs. Professional Cleaning

A cleaning license can take years to earn, which is why technicians like SmartWash will usually face months of training and numerous certifications before offering their services to the public. Safely using power washers to clean a home or business exterior isn’t a point-and-shoot activity. That means renting an industrial-strength pressure washer for DIY cleaning can go wrong quickly. 

Why take on the risk? This equipment easily shatters windows, damages door frames, and destroys shingle roofs without the right approach. Rather, leave the power washing to the professionals!

What Drawbacks Can Knoxville Professionals Help You Avoid With A Cleaning Schedule For Your Property?

Here are a few reasons to ensure you have a professional cleaning schedule in place:

Avoid Chasing Away Your Clients or Potential Homebuyers

Regular pressure washing is essential for business owners who want to retain and expand their clientele and avoid safety-related lawsuits from contractors or employees. Pressure cleaning helps businesses with the following benefits:

  • No infestation. Keeps mold and rodent infestations at bay with regular dumpster pad sanitation, clean restaurants and food courts, and more.
  • Great appeal. Creating a positive first impression requires keeping office parks and buildings looking brand-new. Pressure washing does this in just one day.
  • Better morale. Sanitized workplaces motivate employees. They also feel safer in an area free of slip-and-fall risks, like oil or grease on flat surfaces.
  • Amazing visibility. Clean billboards and glowing signage cleanup keep logos and advertisements visible from miles away to showcase your brand year-round.

Maintaining high curb appeal and safety standards is essential for small-to-medium enterprises that need to stay competitive and those listing their homes. Thankfully, a cost-effective way to achieve this is through pressure washing in Knoxville, TN, from dependable teams like SmartWash.

Avoid Missing Structural Challenges

Experts recommend power washing your Tennessee home or commercial structure twice a year or more with bad weather. High winds are especially troublesome, picking up pollutants and depositing them onto your building’s surfaces. However, another reason to leverage professional cleaning is to be able to detect potential structural challenges, such as:

  • Missing shingles or adhesives and years of algae after missed roof cleaning projects
  • Cracked vinyl and wood shake siding from hurricanes and hailstorms
  • Broken downspouts or fractured pipes from clogged gutters
  • Mold or mildew on a vertical surface, walkways, and floorboards or door frames

You can also detect damage from past DIY sanitation projects. For example, SmartWash might alert you to previously cracked window panes or chemical residues on plants, typical signs of inexperienced cleaners working on a property.

Avoid Struggling With Reduced Property Resale Values

Everyone wants higher resale values for their residential and commercial properties without the cost commitment of a renovation or repaint. But buyers are more likely to want properties that look clean and well-maintained. So, what’s the solution?

A quick spot of professional pressure washing.

Why schedule these services?

  • It boosts curb appeal by eradicating algae on all surfaces, spray paint on brickwork, and other elements that can drastically reduce your property value.
  • It ensures a healthier indoor environment by instantly taking care of grime on sidings, mold, stains on wooden fences, and other signs that repel committed buyers or reduce offers.
  • It prepares the property to showcase its best features on marketplaces that require pictures and videos to garner sellers’ attention. 

If a buyer needs to commit time and money to visit your building, they will move on quickly. Here are a few other ways to improve a property’s aesthetics:

  • Clean carpets for healthier indoor air
  • Eliminate grime from interior paintwork to make rooms appear more spacious
  • Declutter open-concept living rooms
  • Eliminate stains on the home exterior

And that’s why attractive listings should gain higher offers after pressure washing in Knoxville, TN.

Avoid Lowering the Property Values for Everyone in Your Neighborhood

Street art on brickwork, spray paint on fences, and bent signage are all signs that deter potential property buyers and customers alike. Graffiti artists also thrive on notoriety and will paint over or modify existing tags whenever there’s an opportunity. So, if your neighborhood has an issue, here’s what you need to know:

  • Buyers and real estate companies label graffiti as property damage. They might request sellers to remove these out-of-pocket before creating a listing.
  • Boarded-up windows and barricades are popular strategies for countering vandals in urban areas, but they make structures look uninviting to potential buyers too.
  • Street artists might target propane tanks and fleet vehicles inside vandalized properties, causing even more expensive damages.
  • Billboards and street signs are high-value marks for vandals.

Unfortunately, businesses and homes in vandalized neighborhoods have significantly lower property values. The same applies to homes that look unclean or dilapidated, giving tenants and buyers the impression of moldy interiors, bed bugs, and shoddy living spaces. Why risk bringing down the neighborhood’s property values when there’s such a simple solution in pressure washing?

Professional pressure washing is the fastest way to get back on track without spending thousands on repainting or remodeling in Knoxville, TN!

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