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Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY Pressure Washing

Regularly pressure washing your property is one of the best ways to preserve its curb appeal, structural integrity, and more. However, many residents believe DIY pressure washing and professional pressure washing provide the same results. Although both clean your property, they feature key differences homeowners must consider.

That’s why our pressure washing specialists at SmartWash put together a brief guide to teach you about DIY and professional pressure washing.

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Professional Pressure Washing and DIY Pressure Washing: Which Is Best?

Performing DIY home improvements is a fantastic way to improve your property without spending money on professional services. However, some tasks require extensive training and special equipment to carry out safely and efficiently. One of these tasks is pressure washing.

Although pressure washing might seem simple and straightforward, it’s far more complicated than many homeowners realize. It requires immense precision and techniques to ensure an optimal final product. The high water pressure can also cause significant structural damage and even injuries if performed incorrectly, causing more harm than good.

That said, many home improvement stores rent pressure washers to property owners for a small fee, making DIY pressure washing more enticing to some residents. DIY pressure washing is also usually cheaper than hiring professional services, making it seem like the best alternative. However, you must consider several factors before attempting to power wash a property.

Why You Should Leave Pressure Washing to the Professionals

DIY pressure washing might seem like the best option, but it can have several adverse effects on your property if performed incorrectly. Most homeowners don’t know how to operate a professional-grade pressure washer safely, putting you, as well as your property, at risk if you attempt the process without extensive experience or training. Below are a few reasons why you shouldn’t attempt DIY pressure washing.

Increases the Chances of Property Damage

Pressure washers utilize extremely high water pressure to eradicate dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants hindering your property’s visual appeal. Using too high of a setting can cause extensive structural damage that can cost hundreds to repair. Unfortunately, it is common for inexperienced homeowners to blast holes and dents into their home’s siding when attempting DIY pressure washing.

Very Dangerous

Many residents underestimate a pressure washer’s power. Most reach between 3,000 to 6,900 PSI, allowing technicians to remove paint and stubborn stains in seconds. However, the immense pressure can also cause severe injuries to users and nearby onlookers, making them exceedingly dangerous to use without training or experience.

Additionally, pressure washing specific areas of your property’s exterior isn’t easy and requires you to use a ladder or climb onto your roof, enhancing the potential danger. The powerful water stream can take you by surprise and push you off the ladder or roof, causing injuries or property damage. Only attempt DIY pressure washing if you have extensive experience or professional training to ensure a safe and efficient process.

Costs More Than You Might Think

Many home and business owners believe DIY pressure washing only costs as much as the pressure washer’s rental price. However, DIY pressure washing in requires more than a commercial-grade power washer. You also need to factor in the following:

  • Soap or cleaning solution cost
  • Water cost
  • Opportunity cost
  • Fuel cost

These additional cost factors make DIY pressure washing significantly more expensive. In fact, sometimes DIY pressure washing costs the same as hiring a professional after adding the additional expenses. Always include all the other cost factors when comparing DIY pressure washing to professional services.

Provides Subpar Results

Although DIY pressure washing can remove dirt and debris from various walls and surfaces, it rarely provides optimal results. Many homeowners don’t understand proper pressure washing techniques and can’t eradicate pollutants as efficiently. They also don’t use professional-grade cleaning solutions, resulting in a subpar wash that prevents their homes from reaching their full potential.

Professional pressure washers understand the best approach to each pressure washing task and utilize high-quality techniques to provide optimal exterior cleaning. They know the perfect setting for each surface and can eradicate contaminants without damaging the surface’s structure. Hiring a professional pressure washing service is the best way to ensure an outstanding final product that helps your property be the best it can be.


Pressure washing a property takes more time than many people think. It’s exceedingly time-consuming and often takes several hours to clean everything from top to bottom. Attempting to pressure wash your home or business yourself can take most of an afternoon, taking you away from other important tasks and essential family time. 

Most pressure-washing companies have a team of pressure-washing specialists that work together to clean a property. This allows them to wash a property in a fraction of the time of DIY pressure washing, giving you a gorgeous, clean home without delay. Professionals also have more experience, allowing them to work faster without reducing efficiency.

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