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Our Pressure Washing process

  1. We will take a look and maybe even do some test spots to determine how little pressure we need to do a thorough cleaning. Many surfaces don’t need super high pressure because of our pre-treatments, so our technicians will make changes as necessary. Concrete can be thoroughly cleaned with just 1200 psi if needed. That’s three times less pressure than most companies will use.
  2. One reason we can use less pressure is because we pretreat most surfaces with a solution that will begin to kill off the mildew and algae that is causing much of the discoloration.
  3. Your surface will be cleaned using a commercial surface cleaner. This guarantees and even cleaning, unlike the results that you get from using a handheld wand.
  4. We will rinse off all plants and property in the area of the cleaning
  5. Many times, a post treatment will be used and allowed to soak into the surface to kill off any organic material that may be deep into the pores of the surface.
  6. You will be invited to inspect the job to make sure it’s a 5 star worth cleaning

Our Roof Cleaning process

  1. Your plants and grass will be protected! Our roof cleaning technicians start by doing ground duties and then work their way up to applying the solution. This takes skill and training
  2. Having a second team member that solely concentrates on protecting your landscaping and other sensitive surfaces is essential to completing the job safely. A quality job cannot be done by one person
  3. We will either dilute, re-direct or dispose of any cleaning solution that enters your gutter system. Where the gutters drain will be the determining factor when it comes to how we choose to handle the runoff.
  4. We will safely climb to your gutter line and apply our cleaning solution from there. We will likely be able to do all of our cleaning by working our way along your gutter line, making our way around the house.
  5. We will blend a solution that is just right for your roof. If a strong mix is needed because of how dark the stains are, we can make a stronger mix on demand. Your roof will look new, in most cases, before you even get a chance to take a look
  6. Your plants, house, furniture, etc will be rinsed off
  7. You will be invited to inspect the job to make sure it’s a 5 star worth cleaning

Our House Washing Process

  1. We will tape off all your electronic items, like outlets, keypads, cameras and doorbells
  2. We will pre-wet all plants to make sure they are full of water and won’t try and soak up any of our cleaning solution
  3. Will will apply our house washing solution with low pressure to sanitize the surface, killing off any surface mildew or algae
  4. Your whole house and landscaping will then be rinsed from top to bottom with low pressure and high volume to rinse away any organic material left behind, like cobwebs and such
  5. You will be invited to do a walk around and make sure everything looks great.


When was the last time your house had a really good bath? Just like our vehicles, our homes get coated in a coating of pollen in the spring. Take a look at the siding, soffits and trim on the north side of your home. That’s where most of the organic growth lies. Because of the lack of sunlight, it’s a breading ground for harmful mildew, algae, bacteria and mold. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

“It’s a breading ground for harmful mildew, algae, bacteria and mold.”

In the hands of our team, these organic growths will be completely eradicated for a minimum of 12 months without using dangerous high pressure. That’s right our “soft washing” process gently bathes your home in an algaecide much like a pest control treatment. With low pressure and high volume we then rinse your home, leaving the treated surfaces looking as close to new as your home can look, revealing the potential thats been waiting to be shown. Regain that pride of ownership with SmartWash.

“Organic growths will be completely eradicated for a minimum of 12 months!”

About SmartWash

SmartWash is a small family owned business with its offices here in Knoxville. We currently support five families and have four great employees. Our customers are amazing and have helped us become the highest rated exterior cleaning company in all of Tennessee. We use a gentle approach when doing any of our services. That’s where the “Smart” comes from.

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