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How Long Does It Take To Power Wash a House?

Even though it may make your home’s refreshed façade a perfect icebreaker at your next get-together, many homeowners underplay the value of power washing a house. Still, power washing offers countless benefits besides making your home more inviting. With the right team, a power washing session can create a healthier environment around the property and even prolong the lifespan of the home’s exterior surfaces.

So, how long does it take to power wash a house and reap all of these benefits? It depends on a few factors, which SmartWash explores below.

Factors Influencing the Duration of Power Washing   

The nature of customizing cleaning services is that it takes a little longer to power wash a house. Here are a few things that influence the timeline:

The Size of the House  

A larger, more complex home will require more time to power wash than one with less square footage. While estimating the project timeline may seem straightforward, several factors come into play. For instance, a big house may have multiple stories and hard-to-reach areas that add to the job’s complexity and require time for completion.  

Amount of Dirt and Grime  

The home’s condition and general dirt levels or stain severity change how long it takes to power wash a house from start to finish. For example, if you schedule regular power washing, a cleaning team like SmartWash won’t take as long to achieve the desired results. Similarly, a heavily soiled or mold-infested property will need more time.

Type of Surface Material

Is the exterior surface brick, vinyl, steel, wood, cement, aluminum, or stone? Different surfaces need varying levels of cleaning. For example, vinyl needs extra care and time to clean compared to concrete surfaces.

Weather Conditions

How long does it take to power wash a house? It takes longer with inclement weather delaying the power washing project. For instance, rain can dilute cleaning agents, not only affecting the timeline but also the project’s effectiveness. The ideal conditions for a power washing project will be on dry, low-wind days with moderate temperatures.

Benefits of Professional Power Washing   

A professional power wash is highly effective and saves you from expending time and effort yourself or risking subpar results. Don’t miss out on the following benefits of hiring a professional:


Professionals like SmartWash ensure the proper equipment type, training, and experience to power wash your home. Additionally, if you don’t have time on your side, hiring a professional service can help you prepare for your upcoming events with ease.  


Pressure washers in the wrong hands can cause serious injuries and damage to property. Power washing a multiple-story building may also involve climbing a ladder. Letting the experts do what they do best enhances everyone’s safety.  


An expert knows precisely how to clean every nook and cranny of your home. A team like SmartWash’s years of experience and commercial-grade cleaning equipment and solutions guarantee a thorough cleaning without causing any damage.  

The Typical Process of Power Washing a House   

A systematic approach to power washing guarantees top-tier results. Most power-washing projects include the following critical stages: 


The process begins with a thorough house inspection for the crew to plan the cleaning process. They may measure the square footage of the house, check the various materials, and conduct a safety analysis, among other tasks. 


Preparation often involves protecting any exposed areas that may incur damage from the cleaning process or cleaning solutions. For example, you may need to cover plants and windows with a plastic material. 


Once we have all the tools, equipment, and safety gear, the washing process begins. Expect the crew to apply the cleaning solution and give it ample time to take effect before giving the surface a final rinse at the right water pressure level.  


Finally, reputable companies like SmartWash won’t leave without a final walk-through inspection. This stage involves a thorough assessment of the results and necessary touch-ups. If the cleaning crew missed any areas or the results didn’t meet your expectations, they’ll make it right according to the contract. 

Some companies will give a full refund; others repeat the entire process. 


Overall, scheduling regular power washing is a great way to keep your home beautiful, healthier, and safer year-round. After a power washing session, your home will look as good as new and preserve its value. And you won’t have to worry about premature surface deterioration or unwanted organisms taking hold of your home’s exterior.

How long does it take to power wash a house just like yours? Our team proudly serves the Knoxville, TN, community and beyond, giving each and every project the attention it deserves. Find out more when you call the friendly professionals from SmartWash at (865) 205-2958 for world-class power washing.