Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Window Cleaning Tips from the Pros

We know that many Knoxville homeowners are thinking about washing their windows without hiring professional assistance. Usually, such desire visits you in the summer when the windows are wide open and washing them seems like fun.

We’ve already talked about the possible dangers of cleaning the windows on your own. But if you are wanting to try to do it yourself, we are ready to share a few interesting tips. Even though SmartWash TN is bound to offer you better results, this advice can improve your experience.

1. Use Cold Water Instead of Warm

When filling up your bucket with water for Knoxville window cleaning, it seems as if slightly hot water is the way to go. Of course, washing windows with warm water may be nicer, but the hotter the bucket contents are, the faster they evaporate. This is especially true for the summer time.

2. Don’t Overdo The Cleaning Solution

Many window washers make the mistake of adding too much cleaning solution to their water. We’ll tell you a surprising truth. If your windows aren’t terribly dirty, it’s possible to clean them without using any detergent. Surprised? If you still insist on adding some to your water, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you may dry out the glass and make cleaning harder.

3. Work The Mop

A squeegee is a wonderful window-cleaning tool, but it’s nothing without the mop. In order to remove the dirt properly, you need to invest in a window-cleaning mop. It should be long enough to deal with hard-to-reach spots. If the mop can’t do the job, do not scrub your windows with any harsh tools. Try a sponge.

4. Use The Squeegee Right

Did you know there is a special squeegee-handling technique? Make sure you always maintain a 45° angle without putting too much pressure on the glass. Pressing hard is a common mistake, which doesn’t make your windows cleaner. Just the opposite, it may cause streaks and make it harder for you to move the squeegee.

5. Don’t Forget The Frames

We recommend you to clean the frames with a sponge right after you are done with the windows. Otherwise, the dust from the frames and windowsill will settle back on the glass and make your windows dirty again in no time.

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