Why Pressure Washing Is the Best Way to Clean Sidewalks

Why Pressure Washing Is the Best Way to Clean Sidewalks

Did you ever see the dirty part of a sidewalk or driveway right next to a recently cleaned section? Seeing these areas of contrast can really illustrate both the power and the utility of Knoxville pressure washing – a process that creates an amazing clean that gets down into the crevices and grooves of concrete. Dirty sidewalks seem gray and dingy, while freshly power-cleaned sidewalks appear bright and much younger and fresher.

When it comes to sidewalk cleaning, pressure washing provides the most thorough cleaning. But why? What’s the physics at work? Here’s the gist… Cement literally holds onto dirt. This unsmooth surface allows oil, dirt, tar, and rust to seep in and stain the substance. No ordinary cleaning method will remove this dinginess, because the chemical bonds prevent true depth-cleaning, leaving sidewalks, drives, and park paths looking worn down. Soap and water swirls dirt around and leaves suds nearby. Chemical concrete cleaners, meanwhile, are environmentally unsafe and thus rarely ever used.

A pressure washing treatment, however, deep cleans with the most environmentally friendly cleaner of all: pure water. The force of the water in this process is powerful enough to break the chemical bonds that keep grit “glued” to substrates in the cement.

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