How Many Times a Year Do Experts Suggest Roof Cleaning in Vonore

Most Vonore homeowners are very clear about how many times in a year they should clean the exteriors. Usually, during the start of spring, they get to this annual ritual.

For windows, cleaning after the rains is compulsory, and gutters get cleared after the rains, fall, and on other occasions. But when it comes to roof washing, most people are clueless. Let us see what roofing experts have to say about it, and why you need professional help.

Factors That Help Determine Your Roof Cleaning Schedule

Various criteria come into play when deciding if it is the time to clean the roof. These include:

Type of Roof

Depending on your roof type, you may have to clean it more often than others. For instance, shingle and shake roofs show different signs between two cleaning periods. Asphalt shingle roofing may warp towards the end when exposed to debris and excess moisture.

On the other hand, cedar shake roofs collect more dirt and get discolored easily due to moss or mildew buildup. Compared to these, metal roofs need the least amount of cleaning, which is why they are the preferred option for most commercial properties. You need to treat them properly to prevent the buildup of harmful organic materials.


In locations that receive a high amount of regular precipitation, it may contribute to lush, green spaces. You can also spot a lot of water accumulation on the roof, leading to ponding and other issues. Even if there is no significant damage, heavy rainfalls can lead to moss, mold, algae, and fungus buildup. These spots not only look bad but can also cause major problems shortly. After months of frequent precipitation, visually inspect your Vonore roof for signs of damage, or get your roof professionally cleaned.

Other Factors

Generally, you must clean your Vonore roof once a year, but if it is brand new, you can do the cleaning every two years. Besides, you have many tall, leaf-shedding trees on your property, close to your home. Mature trees and overarching branches cover your roof areas with twigs and debris. As the winds blow, they get trapped near the joints and collect moisture. Since there is shade from the trees, this excess moisture cannot evaporate but may weaken the roof over time.

Why Is Roof Cleaning So Puzzling to DIYers?

One of the reasons for the dilemma around washing the roof structure is its underside remains hidden. Home exterior, siding, gutters, and other hardscapes show visible signs of discoloration or deterioration. So, it will be easy to detect them.

Besides, in some roof areas, a good scrubbing down with a nonabrasive brush is sufficient. On the other hand, things like moss removal do not have easy, straightforward solutions you can find at home.

A professional roof cleaning company like SmartWash can provide the most effective solutions. We have the correct equipment and cleaning materials needed for your Vonore roof maintenance. You can also make significant savings by detecting potential roof repairs before they happen.

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