Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pressure Washing Company

When searching for pressure washing don’t settle for just any company. With so many available, finding a business that checks all your boxes can be hard. However, by requesting estimates from multiple companies and asking thoughtful questions, you’ll find a team that works with you and provides the services you need.

When you’re in the process of finding the perfect fit, evaluate various companies. Consider the range of prices they give you to ensure you pay an appropriate amount for the pressure washing services. The professionals at SmartWash have explained the questions any homeowner should ask before they settle on a specific company.

Licensing and Insurance

Before considering a company, request that they provide proof of licensing, insurance, and all credentials. Any licensed and legal company will gladly provide proof because they know how essential it is for everyone involved. Without the proper licensing, you cannot know if the team has the necessary qualifications, will protect your property, or will provide a thorough and professional pressure wash.

In many states, pressure washing companies must undergo specific training and use environmentally safe practices. Pressure washing chemicals can endanger the local wildlife, and your lawn, without the proper procedures in place. Protect yourself and your residential property by investigating the cleaning solutions the company uses for each job.

Insurance protects you, your property, and the company in the event of an accident. The company in question must have two main forms of insurance, explained in the following.

Worker’s Comp

Worker’s comp is legally required in most states and counties and protects the company’s employees. When you ensure the company has worker’s comp in place, you know you’re working with a trustworthy, legal company that takes care of its employees.

Well-cared-for employees will treat your property better and provide a more thorough cleaning. Worker’s comp also protects you from paying out of pocket for injuries.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects your property if anything happens. While a professional company should have protection and prevent damage, accidents happen to the best. Make sure that your chosen company will compensate you for any damages received.


Estimates should be free and at your home. An exterior cleaning expert will come to your home, inspect the job, and provide a quote. The estimate is your time to ask questions about their practices, cleaning equipment, and licensing.

During an estimate, look out for the following signs:

  • Extremely low or high prices
  • Estimates provided over the phone, without an in-house visit
  • Unclear answers to your questions
  • Will not give a written estimate

These signs show that a company is not detail-oriented or may try to scam you. Always request your estimates in writing in case they try to disappear after payment. If they don’t answer your questions clearly and directly, they may not know the answers, which is a bad sign for a professional team.

When scheduling your pressure washing you should ask various questions to test their industry knowledge. Follow your intuition — if you feel uneasy about their answers, or lack thereof, move on.

Their Process 

Cleaning the exterior of your home is a significant undertaking that requires precision, multiple methods, and industry knowledge. A poor company can severely damage your property through improper equipment or cleaning techniques.

For example, they should have different techniques for cleaning your driveway and roof. Expect different, in-depth answers for each material in your home. The following provides some insight into varying methods and where they are appropriate:

  • The roof — The company must provide soft washing services for your roof. A roof is delicate and cannot withstand a pressure washer at full speed; any reliable company will know this.
  • Siding — Siding can withstand low-pressure washing and uses different techniques than concrete. Stucco, vinyl, and brick will do better with low pressure.
  • Concrete — Concrete requires high pressure up to a certain level and requires specific tips to keep the concrete from etching.

Ask them about each section of the home and the proper cleaning techniques for that material. Each has an individual answer that a trustworthy professional will understand.

Reviews and Pictures 

A qualified professional cleaning company will have proof of previous successful jobs. These are professionals that are confident in their hard work and take before and after pictures to show off. Be wary of only finding five-stars and one-star — this could mean that the company falsified their five-star reviews.

If a company has primarily good reviews, they’re more reliable.

The Quality of Their Cleaning Equipment

A professional will know the tools of the trade and be able to explain to you why they use each piece of equipment. They will have multiple solutions and detailed knowledge of various brand names. They’ll probably have a preference based on experience but should show an understanding of varying types.

If they use environmentally-safe solutions, that is even better. Pressure-washing chemicals are hazardous and require careful use. Find a company that understands this and uses its cleaning solutions accordingly.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Always choose a company that provides a guarantee in writing. A written guarantee provides insurance that the company will perform its duties and that you can hold them accountable. Do not accept spoken guarantees — if a company does not want to provide written proof, they’re unreliable.

After the job, a company should explain their findings, show their work, and walk the homeowner through what they did. If they leave immediately after or cut directly to payment, be wary.

Any professional that takes pride in their work will show you once the job is complete. If they find any needed repairs or concerns with the property, they will point them out to you. A company with experience has seen many homes and should know the warning signs of disrepair.

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