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Knoxville Roof Cleaning

As your Knoxville home’s first line of defense, the roof plays a significant role. A well-maintained roofing system can withstand harsh weather elements and other environmental factors in Knoxville. It also keeps pests, predators, and perils like fire hazards at bay. Weather is but one of the significant factors affecting the lifespan of your roof.

With time, leaves, branches, twigs, grit, and other debris can collect on the roof surface. You must clean it up regularly to avoid unsightly spots or dark streaks. Otherwise, moisture trapped under this clutter can breed algae, moss, or lichens. Hire a professional roof cleaning service like us at SmartWash and stop these issues from turning into more severe problems. You can avoid major repairs and remain peaceful as well.

Here is Why You Should Trust the Experts:

Experts Use the Safest Methods of Cleaning

Nowadays, one trend that is gaining increasing acceptance is DIY or do-it-yourself. While this can make you self-reliant, you should only use such methods for specific tasks.

One reason is that some chores are more dangerous than others. For instance, roof cleaning involves placing the ladder against the wall and climbing it carefully. One wrong step or a slip may cause untoward incidents. At the very least, you can damage the ridge caps.

Besides, Knoxville’s professional roof washers have their blend of chemicals that are safe to use on various surfaces. They use non-toxic cleaning solutions, making them safe to use near kids, pets, and landscaping.

Pressure Washers from Your Shed Are Not Sufficient

Scrubbing every inch of it may give you satisfaction, but that may not be the right approach. You may use incorrect equipment for the job. It is easy to blast a high-pressure water jet onto the driveway setting. But if you use the same power tools on your roof, you could tear it apart.

Pressure washers are for hard surfaces only and are not meant to remove organic staining on your roof. You should use a soft wash method for effective cleaning of mold, fungus, or mildew.

Roof Cleaning Extends Its Lifespan and Performance

Organic matter accumulated on the roof looks terrible and wreaks havoc on its structural integrity. It can also contribute to the rotting of the wood underneath the roof. You will have to replace the roof sooner than you expected. But by hiring professional help and taking good care, you can reduce the chances of unwanted repairs.

You can also save on monthly energy bills as regular cleaning improves the performance of your Knoxville roof. Since your roof can more efficiently reflect the sun’s rays, your HVAC systems do not bear the burden.

Keep Your Insurance Valid for More Time

Knoxville’s insurance carriers insist that homeowners maintain their roofs in top shape. If not, stains and debris on the roof may lead to deterioration and weaken the building’s structural integrity. So, being proactive in your roof maintenance can help you avoid cancellation of your policy.

Don’t think that handling these stains is simple. There are specific nuances that trustworthy Knoxville roof cleaning technicians follow, which you may not know. At SmartWash, we employ a certified crew to handle all roof issues. Our team is fully insured and provides fantastic services in Knoxville. Call us to find out more information or schedule an appointment and get an amazing-looking roof!

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Our roof cleaning process

  1. Your landscaping will be protected! The ultimate protection is to have an experienced applicator doing the cleaning so that the solution only gets on the roof. This takes skill and training
  2. The next level in protection is to have one person whose only job is to keep your plants wet so that any overspray will be completely diluted. A quality job cannot be done by one person

  3. Your property will be looked at to see how to properly handle the cleaning solution runoff from your roof. In most cases we use long poly-bags to collect and dispose of any solution that comes out of your downspout
  4. Our team will use ladder stand offs to lean the ladder against the roof, not your gutters, to make sure our team is safe and your gutters aren’t damaged

  5. Your roof will be sprayed with a solution that is custom made while at your house that is just right for your roof’s needs. Your roof will look new, in most cases, before you even get a chance to take a look

  6. Your plants, house, furniture, etc will be rinsed off 

  7. You will be invited to inspect the job to make sure it’s a 5 star worth cleaning

Knoxville Roof Cleaning Reviews

“This was an all-around very positive experience. It was a competitive quote. The job was done 3 days later. The house was washed to full satisfaction. It never looked that great. The billing was modern and very easy to use. The follow up was very professional. I loved it and will use this service again in the future.”

-Juergen Rapp

“Brennan did a great job in a timely manner. We are getting our house ready to sell and everything looks completely renewed and windows are sparkling. Will definitely use in the future!”

-Jennifer Mason

“Absolutely amazing!! North side of 2 1/2 story house was covered with 20 years of mildew. Second story windows were filthy. House looks brand new! Service specialists were great guys and went above and beyond. Thanks!!!”

-Chuck Pittman

“This company will not disappoint you, They did a superb job, charged less than the quote we agreed on and were timely. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Patty Myers

“SmartWash cleaned our house, driveway, walkway and retaining wall as we are getting ready to put our house on the market. They did a phenomenal job as well as excellent customer service. Brennon runs a top notch company and I would recommend them to anyone!”

-Alexandria Webb Shaw

“No need for concern. Your job will be done as promised, and with a guarantee that you will be satisfied. They are even better than advertised.”

-Wally Kitchen

“Absolutely amazing!! North side of 2 1/2 story house was covered with 20 years of mildew. Second story windows were filthy. House looks brand new! Service specialists were great guys and went above and beyond. Thanks!!!”

-Chuck Pittman

” Outstanding professional service, excellent communications. Arrived exactly on time, paid attention to all the details, did an excellent job. I would recommend Einstein‘s to anyone needing home cleaning, power washing or window cleaning. They are an excellent team. “

-Kieth Sinclair

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