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-Terry Harrison

Roof Cleaning Solutions in Oak Ridge

You look up at your Oak Ridge roof suddenly and stop some clack stuff growing between the shingles. Is it mold, mildew, algae, or just dirt stuck on the surface? You do not remember when you cleaned everything last. Now you start to wonder if it is time to replace your roof. Or, should you get a deep roof washing from a competent company like SmartWash?

If this sounds like you, it is the right stream of thoughts. Indeed, most roofs that look riddled with ugly, black streaks require a thorough cleaning to make them sparkle. There is no need for expensive replacements when you hire experts at SamrtWash.

Determine What the Unidentifiable Sludge Is

Algae are the most common microorganisms that gather on rooftops in areas with excess moisture content. If you have roof ponding or other issues, you most likely have algae growth, which you need to keep in check. It can also grow when birds or wind transmit the spores onto the roof.

Roofing associations say that while algae are not particularly harmful, moss and mildew can be. Particularly shady and moist areas are ideal habitats for its growth. So, if you notice any blue-green fuzzy areas on the roof, it may be moss. Immediately contact an established roof washing company like us at SmartWash in Oak Ridge, we can follow the right ways to tackle this issue without causing further damage.

Dangers of Roof Moss and Algae

Whether it is moss or algae, you must address the problem in time. Even if moss is not harmful to your roof shingles, it can cause significant damage. Black algae can hurt the performance of shingles, especially if you have a reflective roof.

Moss causes the shingles to curl upwards near the edges, and heavy winds can blow them off from the roof. So, it is always necessary to keep your roof clean and tidy. Besides, you can extend the life of the Oak Ridge roof shingles and keep their reflective properties intact. Hire the top roof cleaning company SmartWash today.

Roof Washing May Be a Better Option Than Roof Replacement

A roof that looks worse for wear may not necessarily be heading towards a dilapidated condition. Years of neglect may make it appear damaged, but it could be better than it looks. A good cleanup job can bring back its shine and make it look similar to its original condition.

By hiring the professional roof washers at SmartWash, you can get the dark spots thoroughly inspected. Our Oak Ridge expert cleaning crew can detect if any part of your roof received significant damages. Thus, you can prevent the occurrence of major roof issues and save money on repairs.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

The primary focus of your roof washing job will be to get rid of algae or moss growth. Our trained cleaners strictly adhere to the best industry practices. We refrain from using the pressure washing technique on asphalt shingles. We comply with the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) codes and use the proper equipment to make your roof shine.

We adjust the cleaning equipment to the soft wash setting so that the water’s force does not damage the asphalt shingles. By using eco-friendly, non-toxic products, we keep your roof, home, and family healthy.

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Oak Ridge Roof Cleaning Reviews

“This was an all-around very positive experience. It was a competitive quote. The job was done 3 days later. The house was washed to full satisfaction. It never looked that great. The billing was modern and very easy to use. The follow up was very professional. I loved it and will use this service again in the future.”

-Juergen Rapp

“Brennan did a great job in a timely manner. We are getting our house ready to sell and everything looks completely renewed and windows are sparkling. Will definitely use in the future!”

-Jennifer Mason

“Absolutely amazing!! North side of 2 1/2 story house was covered with 20 years of mildew. Second story windows were filthy. House looks brand new! Service specialists were great guys and went above and beyond. Thanks!!!”

-Chuck Pittman

“This company will not disappoint you, They did a superb job, charged less than the quote we agreed on and were timely. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Patty Myers

“SmartWash cleaned our house, driveway, walkway and retaining wall as we are getting ready to put our house on the market. They did a phenomenal job as well as excellent customer service. Brennon runs a top notch company and I would recommend them to anyone!”

-Alexandria Webb Shaw

“No need for concern. Your job will be done as promised, and with a guarantee that you will be satisfied. They are even better than advertised.”

-Wally Kitchen

“Absolutely amazing!! North side of 2 1/2 story house was covered with 20 years of mildew. Second story windows were filthy. House looks brand new! Service specialists were great guys and went above and beyond. Thanks!!!”

-Chuck Pittman

” Outstanding professional service, excellent communications. Arrived exactly on time, paid attention to all the details, did an excellent job. I would recommend Einstein‘s to anyone needing home cleaning, power washing or window cleaning. They are an excellent team. “

-Kieth Sinclair

"Of particular note were the team's passion for
excellence and their commitment to provide
outstanding service and to ensure my satisfaction.
Brennon's follow-up call the next day to ensure my
satisfaction was the icing on the cake!"
-Ron Finch
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