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Tennessee’s #1 Local Exterior Washing Company

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Our Promise To You

It’s more than, “just pressure washing”. We promise to make this an awesome experience.

1 – We will answer the phone when you call

2 – We will get you a quote within 24 hours, guaranteed!

3 – We will get your roof cleaning scheduled FAST

4 – We will show up on time, with the right tools and ready to work

5 – We will provide a 5 star service every time

“SmartWash scheduled immediately, showed up on time, moved items as necessary, and put them back before leaving, were courteous and efficient. I have no complaints about their pressure washing of our patio, front stoop, and driveway. ‘ll be calling them again this year. “

Donna Sherwood

The #1 Professional Pressure Wash and Soft Wash Professionals

Do you have ugly stains on your house, driveway, or walkway? Our Smart Wash professionals are skilled and experienced in pressure washing and mixing the solutions needed. You can relax and go about your day while our reliable and hard-working professionals pressure wash the exterior of your home. Once our pressure washing professionals are done you will be left in satisfaction. If you need the exterior of your home cleaned, give us a call today for a free quote.


A two service company truck of SmartWash
A before and after brick patio cleaning in a house located in Knoxville.

Our pressure washing process

  1. We will identify the appropriate pressure needed to clean your surface. Many surfaces don’t need super high pressure because of our pre-treatments, so our technicians will make changes as necessary.
  2. Your surface will, often times, be pre-treated to help the organics break down and die off, making the cleaning process easier and the finished product a deeper clean
  3. Your surface will begin to be cleaned and then checked to make sure the pressure is appropriate. Once confirmed, the rest of the surface will be cleaned
  4. Your plants, house, furniture, etc will be rinsed off 
  5. At times a final treatment will be done to leave the surface free of any unevenness
  6. You will be invited to inspect the job to make sure it’s a 5 star worth cleaning




we have over 10 years of roof cleaning experience.

  • SmartWash has over 10 years experience cleaning roofs.
  • Starting in central Ohio in 2008, our owner, Brennon Williams began cleaning roofs along with homes, driveways and more.
  • Over a decade later, with over 6,000 homes serviced, Brennon and SmartWash are true roof cleaning experts.


We were the first to 100, 200 and now 300 5 star reviews on Google!

  • From the start we made it our goal to be the best roof cleaners in Knoxville.
  • We quickly established ourselves as just that. We made it our goal to become a customer service company 1st that just happens to clean roofs, houses and driveways.
  • Our team makes your cleaning project a pleasure and the feedback from your neighbors says gives you confidence that it will be just that.


We use only the best of the best equipment and technology

  • Our trucks are equipped with state of the art equipment’s that allows our team to do the job correctly, efficiently and have fun doing it.
  • A team that has fun while cleaning your house, will do so way that they take extreme pride and with a positive attitude.

Our Service Location

Restore Your Curb Appeal

  • Vonore
  • Rockford
  • Oak Ridge
  • Maryville
  • Friendsville
  • Louisville
  • Loudon
  • Karns
  • Alcoa

#1 Pressure Washing Professionals

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