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SmartWash has over 169 reviews! Here are a few of them:

Terrye and I hired Einstein’s Smart Wash to clean our roof and our driveway. Brennon Williams came to our home and gave us a quote. I was very impressed with Brennon! We accepted his quote and he sent an email telling us when he would be here. He was on time and did a fantastic job. Our driveway was very dirty and he spent extra time getting it clean. It looks great! We highly recommend this company to clean your roof or your driveway. They also clean windows. We look forward to using this company again.

Larry Danner

100% satisfied with the job Einstein’s Smart Wash done on our home. I would recommend Einstein’s to anyone in need of an exterior cleaning of their home.

We hired them to clean our siding and windows and will hire them every year from here on out. They were able to clean our siding and exterior windows in a fraction of time that it would have taken me to do it myself and it looks great.

Also, the two young men that came out to do the work were very friendly and professional.

Mark Hayes

I would absolutely recommend Einstein’s SmartWash to everyone. Very professional, prompt, personable, and very customer oriented. He did such a good job on my house that I’m scheduling him to come back and clean my privacy fence, driveway and steps!

Thank you Brennon!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, SmartWash is extremely affordable and takes much less time to complete than pressure washing.

Marie Logan Collier

Lets answer some of your questions

What is Softwashing/Soft Washing and why is it superior?

Softwashing is SmartWash’s method of cleaning surfaces safer and more thoroughly by using little to no water pressure.

The benefits are many:

  1. Surfaces like your brick pavers, concrete or even asphalt roofing shingles, that have mildew and algae growth, will have the growth killed off, not blasted off. Pressure washing needs direct pressure to work and the pores of brick/concrete or the areas in the “j channel” of your vinyl siding aren’t able to be reached.
  2. Softwashing or soft washing) gets into those pores and into the details of your siding, trim and soffits to leave your surface 2 to 3 times longer than pressure washing and with no chance of damage.
  3. Yes, pressure washing surfaces like vinyl siding can cause damage that cannot be repaired. Softwashing is the best choice.

Is Softwashing safe for my plants and yard?

It’s 100% safe. Our cleaning solutions are only able to kill of the mildew and algae because of their lack of a root structure. Your plants are also pre-rinsed and rinsed of while we rinse the house. At times we cover sensitive plants, like Japanese Maples.

How long will my roof cleaning last?

After we clean your roof, it will be restored back to a “like new” condition as far as cleanliness goes. That means that however long it took for it to get dirty the last time is what you can expect this time.

Why skip the DIY?

Do you have your own pressure washer? Maybe you’ve tackled cleaning your driveway or patio in the past. While it’s super fun to see the difference, often the results are a little uneven because of the wand technique and the process takes an entire Saturday afternoon. Our process starts with a pre-treat and we then clean with a piece of equipment that looks like a 24” floor buffer. It keeps the spray tips around 2 inches of the surface at all times and this results in a very even cleaning. After the cleaning we post-treat and the results are amazing and only took you the few minutes to make the call. Spend your weekend with your friends and family instead.

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